Description: The Protected PDF feature enhances the security of generated PDF files by allowing users to apply different levels of protection. This ensures that sensitive information remains secure and only accessible to authorized individuals.

Steps to Enable:

  1. Activate Feature:

    • Navigate to the ‘System Settings’ page.
    • Locate and activate the “Protected PDF” feature.



  1. Configure PDF Protection:

    • Access the ‘Form Settings’ page.
    • Look for the ‘PDF Protection’ section.
  2. Choose Protection Level:

    • Select one of the following protection levels:
      • A. Regular PDF:

        • No additional protection is applied.
      • B. Read-Only:

        • PDF is set as read-only, preventing any modifications.
      • C. Protected PDF with Password:

        • Activate this option if password protection is desired.
  3. Set Password (if applicable):

    • If “Protected PDF with Password” is selected, select the password field.