Automatic Numbering

To apply automatic numbering or bullets to your text, follow these steps:

  1. Numbered List Types:

    • Select the text or position the cursor where you want numbering or bullets.
    • At Home>Paragraph Select the required button to choose a specific style for bullets or the type of numbered list.

    • Bullets: Add a bullet symbol at the beginning of each paragraph.
    • Numbers: Add an alphanumeric ordinal value at the beginning of each paragraph.
    • Multilevel List: Add an alphanumeric ordinal value at the beginning of each paragraph with a hierarchical level, facilitating the creation of sub-sections and maintaining a sequence through interconnected numbering levels.

      Numbered List Styles:

  2. Defining Spaces in Automatic Numbering:

    • When defining automatic numbering, paragraph definitions automatically shift to a Hanging style with Word’s default indent.
    • Modify the indent in the Paragraph window.
    • A tab is introduced between the number and the paragraph to create space based on the defined Paragraph spacing. Ensure the tab has adequate space to prevent any displacement when generating the output.

Tip: Opt for multilevel numbering, even in single-level scenarios, with the flexibility to add levels as required.