Each Form is created based on a Salesforce Object called the Main Object (such as Contact, Contract, Order etc.) and relations of this Object with related Objects. The Main Object is the object from which users generate the output.

When creating a new Form you can create a new Data Model or use an existing Data Mode.

Creating a Form

Step 1: Accessing the Forms Section:

  • Action: Navigate to Salesforce>Docomotion and click on “Forms.”

Step 2: Initiating the Creation of a New Form:

  • Action: In the “Recent Viewed Forms” area,  on the left top options, click on “New” to open the “New Form” page.

Step 3: Providing Form Information:

  • Action: Fill in the required information:
    • In the “Name” textbox, enter a name for the form.
    • Familiarize yourself with the available default generation settings (Refer to ‘Form Default Generation Settings‘)

Step 4: Selecting the Main Object and Data Model:

  • Action: In the “Data Model” area:
    • From the “Main Object” dropdown list, select the primary Salesforce Object for the form. Utilize the automatic search for efficient object location.
    • Choose one of the following options:
      • Select an Existing Data Model:
        • If opting for an existing Data Model, checked the “Use an existing Data Model” option.
        • A list of available Data Models based on the selected Main Object will appear. Select the desired Data Model and click “Save.”
      • Create a New Data Model:
        • Fill a name of the new Data Model.
        • Click “Save and Define Data Model” to proceed with defining a new Data Model. (Refer to ‘Create a Data Model‘)

Step 5: Finalizing the Form Creation:

  • Action: Click “Save” to complete the creation of the form.

Updating a Form

Step 1: Select a Form and Open Designer:
  • Action: Choose the form you wish to update, and click “Open Designer.”
Step 2: Redesign Form and Upload to the Cloud:
  • Action: Make necessary changes to the form using the Designer interface. After redesigning, upload the updated form to the cloud, using the cloud icon on the top toolbar.
Step 3: Activate Form:
  • Action: Click on the Active button.
Step 4: Change Status to Publish :
  • Action: Click on the Publish button, to make the updated version accessible to users.