Configuring ‘Doc2File’

In order to use the Doc2Files add-in that enables editing files relating to Salesforce Objects, you need to enable downloading files and configure the save options for the add-in.

Enable ‘Download Files:

    • In the App Launcher select Docomotion, and click the System Settings tab to display the Docomotion Configuration page.
    • In the ‘Download Files’ section, check Enable Feature. This action creates the Doc2FilesTemp library in Salesforce Files, and the configuration options are displayed.

Save Options Configuration:

    • Select Enable saving Doc2Files: This option enables Save as Version in the Doc2Files add-in, saving the file in Salesforce under the same name.
    • Select Enable saving Doc2Files as new Document: This option enables Save as File in the Doc2Files add-in, saving the file in Salesforce under a new name.
    • Choose the file types you want to support (e.g., DOCX, DOC, RTF).
    • Select Show All File Versions if you want the Download Files With External Name pane in the Object’s page to display all document versions.
    • Select Enable Autosave if you want to enable autosave in the add-in. In Auto Save Interval (mins), you can edit the time interval for autosave in minutes (e.g., every 10 minutes).
    • Click Save to save the configuration.
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