Quick Parts

Quick Parts in Word are intelligent fields, such as page numbers and generation dates, that dynamically populate within a document during generation. To insert one of these fields, follow these steps: Click on Insert > Quick Parts > Field.

You have the option to add the following fields: Date, Page, NumPages, and SectionPages. When editing, these fields are visually indicated in the document with a grey background, which remains invisible in the generated output.

Date Field:

  • Represents the generation date, automatically updated during output generation with the server date.
  • You can also utilize the Date or Date&Time data tag and format it in Salesforce. Refer to Date&Time Masking.


  • In Document (During Editing): Add Date
  • In Generated Output: Displayed according to the specified Date Format pane.

Tip: You can modify the order of the month and date in the Date Format pane by adjusting the display order of ‘D’ and ‘M.’

Page Numbering:

  • Comprises Page (current page number) and NumPage (total pages in the generated document).
  • These fields are updated during output generation based on the added data and the actual number of generated pages.
  • Add these fields only in the Header/Footer areas.
  • To create a complete page numbering format, insert the fields along with fixed text as per design requirements.


  • In Document (During Editing): Add Page 1 of 1
  • In Generated Document (With Additional Pages): Page 1 of 2

Page Numbering in Sections:

    • If using sections, utilize the SectionPages field to number pages separately in each section.
    • SectionPages: Total pages in the current section. Page: Current page number.
    • For accurate presentation, reset the page numbering of the section to start from 1.
    • Right-click the Page field and select Format Page Numbering.
    • Choose Start at 1.