Utilize the Interactive Forms feature to transform operational and transactional PDF and HTML outputs into a bi-directional communication channel with your customers. This functionality allows you to receive information from customers, automatically updating your Salesforce data, and gaining insights into their needs and preferences.

Docomotion offers two types of Interactive capabilities:

  1. Salesforce Fields:

    • By adding Salesforce fields as Interactive elements to a form, users can update these fields upon form submission. The submitted form automatically updates the corresponding fields in the Salesforce Object. For more details, refer to ‘‘Salesforce Interactive Fields‘.

  2. Interactive Collections:

    • An Interactive Collection is a powerful feature employed when gathering customer feedback is essential. By incorporating interactive capabilities into a form, recipients can actively engage in Customer Satisfaction questionnaires and surveys. This functionality also allows them to provide valuable insights into products that interest them. The information gathered can be strategically utilized, for instance, in upselling or cross-selling initiatives. This feature enhances customer interactions’ interactive and collaborative aspects, fostering a more dynamic and informed feedback process. For more details, refer to ‘Interactive Collection