In order to use a customized Word template for a Form you need to upload the dotm, macro-enabled Word template to Docomotion.

Notice: If you do not load a Word Template, the Form is designed using a default template.

To add a new Word Template to Docomotion:

If you are designing Forms in MS Word 2013 make sure all the Word templates you add are MS Word 2013. Using a Word 2010 template might create problems when generating docx output.
If you upgrade the Word version for editing Forms from MS Word 2010 to MS Word 2013, you will need to manually upgrade the template inside each Form you designed in MS 2010.

  1. In Docomotion click the Word Templates tab Word templates.
  2. Click New to display the Word Template Edit page.
  3. In the Word Template Name text box enter a name for the new template. You can also add a description in the Description text box.
  4. In the File area click Choose File to choose the Word template (dotm template file) to upload. In Upload window, browse to the location of the docm file and click Open; the selected file appears in the text box and the window closes. Make sure you select a dotm file!
  5. Click Save to save the template.

If you edit a Word template in Word, you need to reload the template to Docomotion in order to use the new template.