The Live Editor feature allows users to make real-time edits to the generated output before it is sent or finalized for customers. This HTML editor provides numerous editing functionalities for fine-tuning the output according to specific requirements.

It’s important to note that while editing the output does not alter the original Form, the modified output is saved as a major version. Additionally, users have the option to save a draft as a minor version, facilitating further edits. Versions are distinguished by their respective numbers and creation date and time.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • The Live Editor necessitates user access to the Documents Object, and users must have the appropriate Salesforce permissions.
  • Live editing is not supported for the ‘Additional Documents’ feature, or mass generation.
  • For Mail Body format documents, refer to the specific guidelines for editing the output.

To utilize the Live Editor

  1. Navigate to the Generation page and click on “Live Editor” in the Generate Document section.

  2. The selected output is displayed in the Live Editor page, with the document visible in the workspace below the Live Editor panel. Black lines indicate page breaks in the generated output.

  3. To edit a saved version, choose it from the ‘Minor’ dropdown lists located in the bottom panel.

  4. Use the toolbar buttons for editing, and tooltips display each button’s functionality. Images can be added from local or Google Drive.

  5. After editing, you can:

    • Click “Generate” to produce the output in the selected format to the chosen channel, saving it as a major version.
    • Click “Save Draft” to save the edited document as a minor version for future editing.
    • Click “Reload” to refresh the Live Editor display after adding information.
    • The availability of the “Preview” and “Close” options depends on the Live Editor configuration.

For Mail Output Channel and Mail Body Output Format:

  • If Email is selected as the output channel, the Live Editor is displayed in the Send an Email page when generating the document.
  • The Live Editor can be used to edit the text in this scenario.

Email Output Channel Details:

  • The Email sender is defined in the output generation or can be any email from Salesforce’s Organization-Wide Email Addresses list.
  • Choose the recipient, specify where the Activity History will be saved in the Related to field, and manage CC, BCC, and file attachments.

Live Editor with Interactive Fields:

  • The Live Editor supports interactive forms, that are linked to an Applicative Form. 
  • To leverage this functionality, a Designer / Administrator need to enable it.  Refer to ‘Enabling Live Editor with Interactive Fields‘ for more details.
  • Select the Applicative Form Users can make last-minute changes in the applicative form only.