Managing Licenses

  1. Navigate to Installed Packages in Salesforce by going to Setup > Platform Tools > Apps > Installed Packages.

  2. In the Installed Packages page, locate the Docomotion package and click on Managed Licenses next to Docomotion.

  3. The Docomotion Package Details page is presented, showcasing the number of allowed licenses, allocated licenses, and the list of Salesforce users holding Docomotion licenses in the organization.

To add a user license:

  1. Click Add User to access the Docomotion Add Users page.

  2. In the Users pane, select the checkbox next to the names of users requiring Docomotion access.

  3. In the Selected Users pane, click Add to include the selected users. Click Add Users to save the changes.

Removing a user license:

  1. On the Docomotion Package Details page, locate the user you wish to remove.

  2. Click Remove next to the user’s name to withdraw their Docomotion license.