The Security Challenge

In the cloud-enabled, highly networked world of modern computing, security is one of the most important challenges faced by organizations. The high level security provided by Docomotion ensures that your system is protected against unauthorized access (both physical and logical).

This includes in-house monitoring: 24x7x365, our in-house support team reviews every aspect of Docomotion servers, as well as 3rd party testing. Our services undergoes independent, ongoing penetration testing, security scans and threat detection.

Data Center Security

Our servers are hosted on AWS and located in a different availability zones. The servers are physically secured, staffed 24x7x365 by trained security guards. We use VPC which provides advanced security features such as security groups and network access control lists to enable inbound and outbound filtering at the instance level and subnet level.

Data Access Security

The input data and generated output are not being saved outside of Salesforce, unless the customer has specifically approved it for a limited time frame.


Encryption is part of our layered security solution, and complements other security features such as SSL/TLS1.1 and Amazon S3’s Server-Side Encryption. All data transit to and from our service and within our service uses HTTPS (SSL/TLS1.1) for encryption when possible and applicable.

Realtime Audit

We keep a real-time audit log of all administrative data changes and monitor and react to suspicious activities.


Our system spans numerous physical locations, with N+1 or greater redundancy to establish resilience for all components.


We store backups in multiple secure locations and update them throughout the night, every day where applicable.


In order to provide high availability:

  • Different services employ multiple redundant servers on across different availability zones with automatic load-balancing and constant monitoring to keep the service available at all times.
  • We use auto scal group, to ensure that the desired number of Amazon EC2 instances are running.