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It is a fact that the communication between agents and their peers is mostly reliant on paperwork, so digitalizing the entire process is critical. Despite the presence of Salesforce-powered CRMs, a certain factor is missing to address the paperwork issues – This is where Docomotion plays an instrumental role.

Learn how Hiring and Staffing Companies can boost their efficiency.

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Hiring and staffing companies

Docomotion plays an instrumental role, serving as a springboard for agencies to totally digitalize and automate their processes, both internally and for outbound communication

Personalize and digitize

Docomotion provides significant advantages for staffing agencies seeking to streamline their processes and improve their effectiveness. By digitizing and automating many of their labor-intensive tasks, agencies can save time and cut costs. An easy-to-use platform, agencies can create and modify templates quickly and easily, without relying on IT or developers.

Increase productivity and improve your agent reliability

By utilizing Docomotion, staffing agencies can enhance their ability to provide qualified candidates and offer superior service to hiring companies, ultimately helping them to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Eliminate human error risks

Staffing agencies can effectively shorten their procedures while at the same time eliminating any human error risks. This can be done through two main features, such as the interactive forms which enable agencies to gather extra information, such as the previous employer’s references, and DOC2File feature, which allows them to revise CVs and save these alterations while still making sure that the process is foolproof.

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