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The most comprehensive set of features to handle complex documents. 


Easily create and edit document templates on Microsoft Word using a drag & drop functionality.


One-click actions to generate any type of document from any type of data.


Use Salesforce’s inherent automation tools to intuitively integrate personalized documents into your business processes


Turn documents into opportunities by adding customer input segments and feeding their response directly into Salesforce.


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The top-rated document generation solution on Salesforce.


Answering the pain points of the insurance industry

Overview When Howden Group, a leading international insurance company, was fa

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Boosting Productivity in Operations

“With Docomotion, our transition to Salesforce has been even more productive.

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Digital Transformation with Docomotion

“We embarked on this project as a key part of our digital transformation̷

Saving hours across sales team
By Walkme
Reducing number of templates in used
By Howden
Increase in teams productivity
By Colmobil

"Our complicated document generation requirements have become so simple to achieve, thanks to Docomotion. The platform was so easy to implement and within hours we were up and running with it, quickly and efficiently creating and sending out personalized documents, complete with all necessary data and appendices." Read More

"Working on the basis of 3000 offers or contracts going out each month, Docomotion is saving us much more than 500 hours across our sales team, freeing them up to do what WalkMe actually hired them to do – sell!" Read More

we embarked on this project as a key part of our digital transformation agenda,” says tsafrir ezra, applications group manager at strauss water. having already decided to implement salesforce, a strong business case soon emerged for a solution that would enable us to make relevant information accessible to our customers in real time, and even for them to be able to digitally sign certain documents as part of the process.” Read More

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