“With Docomotion, our transition to Salesforce has been even more productive. The solution has all the features we were looking for and is easy to use, without any technical expertise. What’s more, the support we have from Docomotion’s Professional Services team has been second to none.”

Tal Cohen Alon
CRM Team Leader


Founded in 1906, Colmobil is Israel’s largest importer and marketer of vehicles – including private cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and buses . The company represents four global car brands: Hyundai Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi Motors and Smart, and has 1,000 employees working across 51 showrooms and 71 service centers around the country.


In the course of its sales and operations activities, Colmobil produces thousands of documents every week. These include customer order forms, vehicle licensing forms, forms required by the Ministry of Transportation and customs forms for the Ministry of Finance. Having switched to Salesforce for its CRM in 2020, the company looked for a document generation solution that would streamline document production. 

Colmobil had a wish list of specific requirements, beginning with reducing the time and complexity involved in generating documents automatically, avoiding clicking the buttons and switching between various screens.. For legal purposes, the company needed an option to have multiple signatories to a single form with all the signatures tracked in Salesforce and stored in an external system. They also wanted to be able to upload files from forms, and even to classify those files according to which button was used to upload them. 

It was important to Colmobil to be able to integrate data from its legacy SAP system, which is external to Salesforce, into forms being generated in addition to the data merged from Salesforce objects. In order to optimize storage for the documents and uploaded scans of driver licences and other identification documents, Colmobil needed to automatically compress the size of images used. Finally, on the completion of the sales process, forms needed to be archived, with a copy sent to the customer, and an update to the personnel responsible for the sale. Colmobil was delighted to find that Docomotion ticked all these boxes, and more.


Docomotion enables Colmobil to pull valuable data from external objects connected with Salesforce Lightning Connect to the SAP ERP system, providing a full 360-degree overview of the customer sales journey. 

Sales people are able to communicate quickly and efficiently with customers, simply uploading documentation regarding a test drive, car purchase or lease, thereby eliminating the need to manually scan paperwork and send files. This is now done using smart interactive forms created by the Colmobil team in Docomotion. 

Following a smooth and fast implementation of Docomotion, Colombil’s team uses the platform’s intuitive designer, based on the familiar MS Word editor, to enable dozens of forms to be created quickly and easily. 

The document generation process itself has also been streamlined, with all forms automatically incorporated as part of the sales process, with no unnecessary clicks, as part of Docomotion’s silent generation feature, and seamless integration with advanced Salesforce automation tools such as Lightning Flow. 

Saving valuable storage on Salesforce and on Colmobil’s external archiving system, Docomotion optimizes uploaded documents, efficiently compressing images, which has also reduced Colmobil’s costs. 

For signature of documents by multiple parties – a request that was especially critical for B2B sales – Docomotion’s new multi-step signature feature enables the collection and tracking of signatures from many recipients, and returning data, including the signed PDF, back to Salesforce. 


Following the implementation of Docomotion, Colmobil has seen a 25-30% reduction in the time taken to produce documents. This improvement in efficiency is critical, especially given that the company is currently introducing a new product line of Mercedes trucks, and expanding its Hyundai and Mitsubishi offering, which will result in a huge increase in the number of documents required. 

“The Docomotion solution has all the features we were looking for and is easy to use, without any technical expertise.” says Tal Cohen Alon, CRM Team Leader at Colmobil. “They collaborated with us in building the logic for development and extension. Implementation of the platform was so simple that we were able to do it ourselves, with hardly any input by Docomotion at that stage. But, any time we have needed their help, they have been there – even during the challenging COVID-19 period – responding immediately and giving us the flexibility we required to ensure we ended up with a document generation solution that does just what we need it to.”