A key part of Strauss Water’s Digital Transformation project and roll out of Salesforce was to implement Docomotion
Strauss Water is a global leader in supplying drinking water solutions to customers all over the world, with more than 40 years’ experience in retail. The company develops, manufactures and markets water purification & filtration systems and water heating & cooling systems, for domestic use.
The company operates worldwide; in addition to its Israel division, it has divisions in China and England.


Docomotion has recently completed an ambitious implementation of its automated document generation app at Strauss Water, as part of the company’s digital transformation program. The solution had to be rolled out across multiple departments and business processes, many of them quite intricate, with complex business logic embedded into each document template.


Tsafrir and his team consulted Salesforce experts to help identify a solution that both had the required capabilities and could interface with the company’s existing systems. Docomotion stood out as being a flexible product that not only offered ease of editing, but also supported document production from both within and outside of Salesforce. The fact that it was a native app and that Docomotion is Salesforce ISV certified was an added bonus that gave Strauss Water the confidence to sign up.

Once the decision to adopt the app had been made, the Docomotion team worked quickly to ensure that implementation was achieved smoothly and quickly. In no time at all, the key document templates had been prepared and the system was ready to go live, all without disruption to the company’s ongoing operations in the meantime.

We embarked on this project as a key part of our digital transformation agenda,” says tsafrir ezra, applications group manager at strauss water. having already decided to implement salesforce, a strong business case soon emerged for a solution that would enable us to make relevant information accessible to our customers in real time, and even for them to be able to digitally sign certain documents as part of the process.

Tsafrir Ezra
Applications Group Manager


Today, Docomotion is up and running at Strauss Water, and is being used to produce Proposals, Quotes, Call Summery, Technician visit Summery, the company is already delighted with the results.

“We can already see that our excellent experience so far with Docomotion is just the start,” says Tsafrir. “We aren’t yet using all its capabilities, but I have no doubt that as we expand to the more advanced features, they will only serve to enhance the business benefits we are already seeing from the product.”