At its 13 hotels around Belgium, the Martin’s Hotels chain offers a range of services, including accommodation, conference facilities, corporate seminars and even theme nights. Behind the scenes of these beautifully presented events is a system of booking and planning that requires the creation of hundreds of documents a week.


Looking to streamline their internal process and introduce efficiencies that would both save time and ensure a consistently high standard of quality across the chain, Martin’s Hotels rolled out Salesforce. At the time, the hotel had no flexibility to automatically produce different templates to accommodate the relevant data that applied to the different types of business they work with – instead they wasted valuable time cutting and pasting the data between files each time a new contract or offer was prepared.

“We needed to find a flexible solution that would enable us to quickly generate offers for our MICE clients,” says Nils Scheers. “We also wanted to be able to use the same solution for our corporate contracts.”

On the advice of their Salesforce consultant, Martin’s Hotels looked into Docomotion, which they found to be a user-friendly and intuitive solution to this challenge.


“Onboarding the Docomotion app was a really fluent, easy process,” says Nils. “We followed a short online training program and then the Docomotion support team helped me to set up all the templates myself – it was simple to do and only required a working knowledge of MS-Word.”

Thanks to Docomotion, when the hotel staff need to create an offer or a contract, all relevant business-specific data appears automatically in the document template – with Docomotion’s business logic embedded into the system, they can minimize several templates using a single form, with the business logic right inside. This saves time and ensures consistently high standards, while making the process of generating documents much easier. Even sending out the document to the client can be done within the platform at the click of a button, and they can return it to the hotel with an electronic signature.

Docomotion really impressed us with both their multi-functional product and their highly-responsive service. It doesn’t take long to find your way around the platform, and you soon realize just how powerful it is. If we need help for any reason, we can email the support team for a quick response. If it’s a more involved issue, they’re happy to have a conference call, so that they can give us a more thorough solution. We know that Docomotion are with us every step of the way, and we are confident that we will get maximum benefit from the platform.”

Nils Scheers
Sales Manager Corporate & MICE


Today, Martin’s Hotels is proud of the professional-looking offers and contracts that it prepares for clients, and can be confident that they contain all the relevant information – without any cutting and pasting!

Thanks to Docomotion, the hotel chain has a bank of templates to suit any given client. Two documents – offers and contracts – are already in full use, with the function sheet being added shortly.

“Before implementing Docomotion, we had no flexibility to tailor our quote templates, so each one had to be set up from scratch,” says Nils. “Now we have multiple templates to choose from, all beautifully designed, in a flexible page set up. Docomotion is quick and easy to use and now that we have the first documents up and running, we are seeing a huge improvement in the efficiency of our internal process. We’re delighted with the results and will continue to roll out Docomotion to our users across the hotel chain in the coming months.”