WalkMe Founded in 2011, offers companies new ways of identifying and engaging users across platforms and devices, beginning with a platform-agnostic Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) which simplifies user experience. A growing number of Fortune 500 companies use the DAP to drive higher engagement and adoption of their digital assets, in multiple regions, industries and verticals.


Producing around 3000 sales documents a month, WalkMe had three goals when searching for a document-generating solution. First, they wanted to save time with an automated process that would mean an end to typing in all the information from scratch every time. Secondly, they wanted to ensure absolute accuracy in every single document. Finally, they wanted to guarantee uniformity across documents they were sending out.

“Producing documents by hand on such a large scale is incredibly time-consuming,” says Omri Timar, Business Operations Engineer at WalkMe. “Each one has to be tailored according to both the type of customer and the agreed terms & conditions. Once we had input the text, our legal team would have to review it before it was sent to the customer, to eliminate the risk of human error. What we needed was a single smart template that could be automatically – and accurately – populated with the relevant information, without having to re-invent the wheel each time.”


Following a brief, user-friendly tutorial, WalkMe rolled out Docomotion to its sales team and part of its legal team. Each user can now access the documents they need, producing a PDF that contains all relevant data and business logic at the click of a button.

Templates have been created for several types of document, each with the correct business logic for the type of customer and specific terms and conditions that apply. Every personalized document being sent out has a uniform format, so the output is not only consistent, but it also looks professional.  “Today, thanks to Docomotion, we are producing documents in the most sophisticated way possible,” says Omri. “Our salespeople literally just have to click on the correct button to automatically generate the document they need. We also have the flexibility to ‘lock’ templates used by our sales people to avoid them being altered, while allowing our legal team to edit and change their templates as needed, depending on the relevant legal issues involved.”

“Working on the basis of 3000 offers or contracts going out each month, Docomotion is saving us much more than 500 hours across our sales team, freeing them up to do what WalkMe actually hired them to do – sell!”

Omri Timar
Business Operations Engineer


WalkMe is delighted with the results of Docomotion, and is enjoying significant improvements in both staff productivity and the quality and accuracy of documents.

“The math is simple,” says Omri, “It takes an employee at least five minutes to edit a contract by hand, and that’s if they’re quick. So, working on the basis of 3000 offers or contracts going out each month, Docomotion is saving us much more than 500 hours across our sales team, freeing them up to do what WalkMe actually hired them to do – sell! Since we no longer need our legal team to check each and every document for errors, WalkMe is saving time and money here too. We are so pleased that we got on board with Docomotion. It makes a huge difference to our business, every single day.”

“We highly recommend Docomotion. By embedding business rules and logic into a document in such a straightforward way, the app ensures that we can generate the various business rules that we need to have in the flow. It’s really intuitive to use and the learning curve is very short; it took just a brief training session to get us up and running on our own. Because the app’s template editor is based on MS-Word, it leverages the functionalities that we are used to working with. If we ever do need support, the Docomotion team is always professional and thorough, quickly coming up with smart solutions to unique scenarios that arise from time to time.”