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Simplifying Document Generation Complexity: Docomotion’s expertise  

Challenges Faced by Insurance Companies with Complex Documents, and the solution offered.

The Document Generation industry is undoubtedly filled with various solutions for generating documents. Companies that generate a small number of simple and “Stright forward” documents and utilize a limited number of document templates have a wide range of solutions, making it relatively easy for such companies to find a product that adequately meets their document generation needs.  

However, the situation is different for companies that heavily rely on documents, needing to generate many complex documents with numerous templates. For these companies, the decision of which document generation tool to implement carries significant implications, affecting critical Key Performance Indicators such as Time to Market, system maintenance costs, and overall organizational processes – and these essential factors must be taken into consideration during the evaluation process.  

In this blog post, we will explore the complexities faced by companies with complex documents, like insurance and finance companies, and how Docomotion’s solution rises above standard document generation tools. By providing a comprehensive answer to address these challenges, Docomotion offers added value, competitive advantage, and a positive ROI.   

Challenges Faced by Companies with Complex Documents:

 Designing complex Document Templates:  

Complex documents are typically composed of various parts, elements, or sub-structure such as sections with hierarchical numbering, page pagination, static information, populated data, tables, sub-forms, and logic-wrapped containers. Maintaining a consistent appearance and uniform text formatting can be challenging for companies dealing with lengthy documents, like insurance policies containing clauses and personalized legal information.  Working on an inappropriate template designer’s interface, such as an interface based on coding that doesn’t directly show how the final document will look, may result in a laborious, costly, and time-consuming process.  

Dependency on IT and R&D:  

Traditional DocGen tools often rely on coding, creating a dependency on the IT Department or the R&D team. This reliance delays the system’s readiness for regular work, affecting the ‘time-to-market’ for business units trying to implement necessary changes.  

Complexity in Template Updates:  

Regularly updating templates is crucial to align with evolving business needs and regulations. However, managing and implementing these updates can become burdensome, especially when dealing with a large number of templates. 

Managing a Large Number of Templates:  

Managing a large number of templates poses significant challenges for companies. As the number of templates increases, the risk of human errors also grows. Updating numerous templates becomes time-consuming and tedious when necessary. Moreover, having a large number of templates increases the likelihood of errors, as there is a risk of generating a document from an outdated or incorrect template. 

Docomotion’s Comprehensive Solution:  

Addressing these challenges and pain points, Docomotion’s unique solution offers a powerful set of features and capabilities designed to simplify document generation for companies with complex documents.  

Intuitive MS-Word Template Designer:  

With Docomotion’s Template Designer, users can enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly MS-Word interface, often referred to as a “what you see is what you get” interface.  
This feature enables non-developer users to visualize the final appearance of the document as they design it. As a result, building and testing templates for documents of any length and complexity becomes a simplified, efficient, and user-friendly process.   

Embedding Sub-forms and Containers:  

With Docomotion’s business logic editor, users can effortlessly incorporate sub-forms (a.k.a: reusable elements) and enclose sections in containers within the template. This flexible approach allows a single template to serve multiple use cases, significantly reducing the number of templates used and reducing the risk of human errors.  

In a recent project, one of our customers successfully replaced over 150 templates with a more efficient set of just 20 Docomotion Templates, resulting in a remarkable improvement in efficiency.  
This reduction in the number of templates not only streamlines operations but also eases the maintenance work required for updates to the templates. 

Eliminating Reliance on IT Experts:  

Docomotion’s solution empowers business and their non-developer users with an intuitive, no-code interface for defining the data-model and business logic. Along with the Designer, it simplifies template updates, facilitating swift and routine changes. This autonomy granted by Docomotion’s solution allows different business units to Streamline the template design and update processes, enabling quick and agile adaptation to business needs.  

Seamless Integration with Salesforce:  

Docomotion seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, enabling smooth data population from any object and field. Furthermore, our API capabilities empower the solution to automate document generation processes and integrate with external repositories and data sources. Additionally, integrating to a pre-defined library of content, such as a ‘Wording & Clauses’ library, allows Lloyd’s insurance regulation. 

Generate and Send – In a Click of a Button: 

Docomotion’s solution makes it easy to generate and send documents in a click of a button. By eliminating the need for manual downloads and attachments, the solution streamlines processes, reduces errors, and enhances overall efficiency. 


In a complex document environment, Docomotion stands out as a unique and comprehensive solution, setting it apart from other alternatives. The Docomotion platform enables effortless and efficient document management, delivering immediate impact. 

 With its intuitive MS-Word interface, elimination of the need for IT and R&D experts, template versatility, streamlined updates, and seamless Salesforce integration, Docomotion empowers companies to simplify their document-related processes, reducing risk. Organizations seeking to enhance document generation and minimize complexities can rely on Docomotion for a comprehensive solution that delivers tangible results and optimizes day-to-day work efficiency.