• Applicative Fields:
    • Definition: Salesforce fields that populate data on generated output.
    • Usage: These fields seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, pulling relevant data into the generated documents.


  • Data-Tag:
    • Definition: A tagged field, applicable to any field type, post-tagging process.
    • Usage: Data-tags ensure fields are recognized and processed correctly, constituting a vital component of document generation.
    • Types:
      • Script Tag – Recognized as a ‘S’
      • Group Table Tag – Recognized as a red ‘G’ 
      • Container Tag – Recognized as a ‘C’
      • Chart Tag – Recognized as a chart icon.
      • Table Tag – Recognized as a   blue ‘T’
      • Table Block – Recognized as a blue ‘B’


  • Form:
    • Definition: A template used to generate output based on designed data, logic, and views.
    • Usage: Forms serve as blueprints for creating documents, facilitating the structured presentation of information.


  • Interactive Fields:
    • Definition: Fields that interact with and capture data from recipients.
    • Types:
      • Salesforce Interactive Fields: Directly linked to Salesforce, storing recipient-entered data.
      • Docomotion Interactive Collection: Ad-hoc collection of fields for non-Salesforce-related data.


  • Segment:
    • Definition: Segments are subforms where are acting as reusable content to be placed in multiple forms. 
    • Usage: Segments can be used as linked content, or unlinked content.