Numbered and Bulleted Lists in Document Formatting

Numbered List Types

  1. To add numbering or bullets, select the desired text or place the cursor where numbering should begin.
  2. Click on the “Bullets” or “Numbering” option.
  3. Clicking allows you to choose a specific style for bullets or the numbered list type.

Numbered List Styles

  • Bullets: Adds a bullet symbol at the beginning of each paragraph.
  • Numbers: Adds an alphanumeric ordinal value at the beginning of each paragraph.
  • Multilevel List: Incorporates an alphanumeric ordinal value with a hierarchical level, enabling the creation of sub-sections and interconnected numbering levels.

Note: This method supports the creation of sub-sections, maintaining a sequence with interconnected numbering levels. The example demonstrates two hierarchical levels.

To switch between levels:

  • Use the keyboard: Press Tab to go down one level, and Tab+Shift to go up one level.
  • Select from the menu: Open the multilevel list menu, choose “Change List Level,” and select the required level.

TIP: We recommend using multilevel numbering, even for single-level numbering, with the flexibility to add levels as needed.

Defining Spaces in Automatic Numbering

When defining automatic numbering, paragraph definitions automatically change to “Hanging” with Word’s default indent. To modify the indent:

  1. Open the Paragraph window.
  2. Adjust the indent settings.

In addition, a tab is added between the number and the paragraph, creating a space according to the defined space in the Paragraph settings. Ensure the tab has sufficient space to prevent movement when generating the output.