To fully leverage all the features (Live Editor, Mass Generation, and asynchronous capabilities) provided by Docomotion, it is essential to grant authorization for seamless interaction between Docomotion and Salesforce data.

Notice: To perform authorization, you need to have access permissions to update the Salesforce data you want Docomotion to update.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Docomotion main window and navigate to the System Settings tab.
  2. On the Docomotion Configuration page, scroll down to the Authorize (optional) section.
  3. Click Authorize; this step is a one-time requirement and needs to be done only once after installation.
  4. After clicking Authorize, you will be prompted to provide Salesforce credentials (username and password) for a licensed user.

Notice: A new authorization is required if the user utilized for this operation is later removed from the license. In such cases, provide the credentials of another licensed user.