In Salesforce, a permission set is a set of configurations that enhances a user’s functional access without altering their profile. Permission sets in Salesforce allow you to grant users who may not be administrators, access to the Docomotion for Salesforce App.

Docomotion supports the following three permission sets:

  1. Administrator:  Provides full access to all features and functionalities within Docomotion.
  2. Designer:  Empowers users to create, design, and publish forms within the application (Designers also have the Generator permission set).
  3. Generator: Allows the generation of output from forms that have been previously published.

Assigning a Permission Set:

  1. Open the Salesforce Setup sidebar.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Users > Users.
  3. Click on the user’s Full Name.
  4. Access the Permission Set Assignment section.
  5. In the Permission Set Assignments area, click Edit Assignments. The left panel displays all available permission sets.
  6. To assign the desired permission set (Administrator, Designer, or Generator) to this user, select it in the left panel and click Add.
  7. Click Save to confirm the assignment.