A Container is a special tag designed to envelop a designated content area within a form, with its primary function being to facilitate the manipulation of content visibility through specific scripts, providing a dynamic and controlled method for displaying or concealing content. An additional functionality of a Container is to lock its wrapped content, preventing it from being editable in the live editor.

Working with Containers:

1. Identify Content:

  • Select the specific content you want to organize or manipulate within your form.

2. Wrap into Container:

  • Double-click on the Container tag located in the Data-Model panel to wrap the content.

3. Set Container Properties:

  • Define the Container’s properties either by writing a script or by import an existing one.:
    • Conditions: Specify the criteria using the ‘If ‘ statements..
    • Tag Values: Set relevant tag values for effective organization.
      • Behavior Definition: Determine the visual actions. 

Condition for Show/Hide Container
Locked Container from Live Editor