Edit Status

  • Description: After creating a form in Docomotion (refer to ‘Creating a Form‘), it is initially in Edit status. Only designers (users with Docomotion Designer permissions) can access and design the form at this stage.
  • Action: Once designed, the form needs to be uploaded to the cloud. To test the form on real Salesforce data, it must be activated.

Active Status

  • Description: In Active status, a user with Docomotion Designer permissions can generate output from the form for a Salesforce record (see ‘Generating Output’). At this stage, users cannot see or access the form.
  • Action: If satisfied with the generated output, the designer needs to publish the form.
Published Status
  • Description: In Published status, all users can access the form and generate output. If the form becomes obsolete, it can be unpublished, returned to Active status, or deleted.