The Multi Signers (MS) feature empowers users to create forms that require multiple signatures in a sequential manner. This feature supports up to 10 recipients in a chain, offering a versatile solution for multi-step approval processes.

Activate the Multi Signers Features:

  1. Under ‘System Settings page.
  2. Enable the Multi – Signers feature by ticking the Activate checkbox.
  3. Select where the signed document is saved. Options: Parent, Signature / or Signature. 
  4. Tick the ‘ Keep a PDF of each step’ if you wish to save the step separately.  

Step 1: Create Multi-Signers Form

To initiate the Multi-Signers process, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Process Type:

    • Start by creating a new form.
    • Select “Multi Step Process” as the process type.
  2. Add or Create Interactive Collection:

    • Add an existing interactive collection or create a new one.
    • Optionally, tick the “Can Edit next step Fields” checkbox to allow each recipient to edit the fields of the next step.

Step 2: Create a Recipient Chain

Set up the recipient chain by adding the recipients’ details. 

  1. Under the ‘Step Signatures’ section, click the ‘New Step Signature’ button.
  2. Add recipient details by:
    • Lookup from the Main Object.
    • Text field from the Main Object.
    • Free email – static address 

Step 3: Design Multi-Signers Form

Design the form to accommodate the multi-signers process:

  1. Interactive Collection Fields:

    • Each step has its own set of interactive collection fields.
  2. Tagging and Shapes:

    • Tag fields as regular tags or insert them as shapes.

Step 3: Sending the Form

  1. Sending the Form:

    • Use the HTML/Link output.
    • Note: You can change the first recipient email under the ’email configuration’ setting. 

Step 4: Signing the Form

  1. Each recipient, when his place in the sequence arrives, receives an email that contains a link to an HTML page, for his signature.


  • The first recipient can use Salesforce interactive fields to update records upon submission.

Few Comments:

1) The feature supports up to 10 Signers

2) Only one interactive collection can be added, and it will be the same for each step

3) A new field will be added automatically to the ‘Repository Data Tags’ named: ‘Active Step Number’, this field represents the active step of the signer in order to use logic and containers with this data