Docomotion uses up a lot of document storage space because it stores previous versions of Forms created when you design a Form. It is therefore recommended that you occasionally perform a clean up operation that removes previous versions.
Clone the Form for which you want to perform cleanup and delete the original Form. This deletes all inaccessible old data. Rename the cloned Form to the original Form name.

No, Docomotion can’t be installed on a professional edition.
If you are new to Salesforce and would like to evaluate the Docomotion solution in a new environment, please send an email to [email protected] and we will generate for you a 30 days trial of the Enterprise Edition, on which you will be able to install the Docomotion solution.

  1. In Docomotion click Setup, and then in the left pane Search text box type storage.
  2. Click Storage Usage to display the Organization limits and usage in the Salesforce page.

You need a user license in order to use Docomotion (see Licenses Management). If you do not have the proper authorization form managing Salesforce licenses, check with your system administrator.

Check that these users have a Docomotion license (see Licenses Management ) and the proper permissions (see Assigning Permissions).

Note that in Lightning, adding any Related  List to the page layout does not automatically display it in the Lightning page.

Verify that you have added the Related Tab to your Lightning page layout, and add the Related  Lists component to this Related Tab.

Only after this, are all related lists you added to the page layout for the record in the Object manager automatically displayed.