Using Scripts Across Forms

Scripts created for one Form can be efficiently utilized in other Forms that share the same Main Object. This eliminates the need to recreate scripts for each individual Form. However, it’s important to note that scripts can only be used or imported within the same entity type for which they were originally created (e.g., Container script, Table script).

Exporting Scripts

Once you’ve crafted a script in a Form, you have the option to export it to a Designer script file (.dsc file), making it accessible for use in other Forms based on the same Main Object.

To export a script:

  1. In the Form panel, right-click the script you wish to export and select Properties.

    The Script Tag Properties window will appear.

  2. Click Export, triggering the Save As window.

  3. In the File Name text box, assign a name to the file and click Save.

    The script file is now saved and ready for import.

Importing Scripts

The Import Script feature allows you to incorporate a script created in one Form—previously exported as a .dsc file—into other Forms that share the same Main Object.

To import a script into a Form:

  1. Open the Form in the Designer and navigate to the document location where you want to import the Script.

  2. In the Data Repository Data Tags panel, either double-click Script Tag or right-click Script Tag and choose the Insert Script Tag option. This action will open the Script Tag Properties window.

  3. In the Tag Name field, provide a name for the script and click IMPORT.

    The Open window will appear.

  4. Locate and select the desired designer script file and click Open.

    The script will be seamlessly integrated into the Form, visible in both the Form and the Form panel.