Updating a Form – Form New Version

To learn more about Form statuses refer to Form Lifecycle.

The following diagram summarizes the procedure for updating a Form overriding the existing Form.

The procedure ensures that the old Form can still be used in Production, until the new Form is ready to use.

If you do not want the old Form to be available to generators, you can click the Unpublish button on the Form page. This ensures that users with Generator permissions will not see the Form on the Document Generation page.

Step 1: Select the Form you want to update in Docomotion and click Open Designer.

Step 2: Redesign the Form in the Designer and Upload to the cloud.

Step 3: In Docomotion activate the Form that is in Edit status.

Step 4: Generate output from the Form in Active status.

Step 5:    If the updated Form is OK, click Publish to publish the updated version.

– or –

Click Discard changes to discard the changes you made in the Designer and revert to the old published version.