Docomotion Form lifecycle

The Docomotion Form lifecycle is designed so that users generating output (“simple” users) will only see the Forms that have been approved (Published). Users with Designer permission set, can see / edit and use all Forms available in the system (Published and Active).

Form Life Cycle Process

To learn more about permission set refer to Assigning Permissions.

New Form Lifecycle

Form Life Cycle Process 2

The following diagram summarizes New Form Lifecycle

Edit Status

After a Form has been created in Docomotion (see Creating a Form), it is in Edit status and can only be accessed and designed by a designer (user with Docomotion Designer permissions).

After the Form has been designed in the Designer, it needs to be uploaded to the cloud.

The Form designer should now test the Form on real Salesforce data. In order to do so the Form needs to be activated in Docomotion (see Activating a Form).

Active Status

In Active status the output can be generated by a user with a Docomotion Designer permission set form Salesforce record (see: Generating Output). At this stage “simple” users cannot see or access the Form.

If the designer is happy with the generated output, the Form needs to be published.

Published Status

In Published status, all users can access the Form and generate output.

If the Form becomes obsolete you can unpublish the Form and return it to Active status or delete the Form.

Obsolete Form Lifecycle

Form Life Cycle Unpublish

The following diagram summarizes Obsolete Form Lifecycle

Unpublished Status

After a Form is Obsolete designer can Unpublish the From. The Form status changed to Active Status (see above).