After uploading a Form to the cloud in the Designer, you need to access the Form from Docomotion and activate the Form. Activating the Form enables you, as the designer, to test the Form on real Salesforce data without other users being able to use the Form.

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To learn more about Form statuses refer to Form Lifecycle.
Only users with a Designer Permission set can activate a Form or see activated Forms in the Generation page (see Assigning Permissions).

The Active status also enables you to edit a Form that is already used in Production and test it on real data without interrupting the users generating output from the original Form until the changes are ready. See Updating the Form.

To activate the Form

1.  In Salesforce Docomotion  click the Forms tab, In the Recent Forms area click the Form Number of the Form you want to publish.
2. Refresh the Form page.

3.  Click Activate.

If you do not see the Activate button, refresh the page.

The status of the Form changes to Activating. Once publishing finishes the status changes to Active.

If you are unable to activate Forms you might need to configure the Salesforce session settings. See Configuring Salesforce Session Settings.

Now that you have successfully activated the Form, you can test your Form by generating output with real Salesforce data.

To test the Form on Salesforce data:

1.  In Salesforce>Docomotion click the tab of the Main Object of the Form for which you want to generate documents (i.e. Contacts).

2. Select a record.

3. Click Generate Document; the Document Generation window appears displaying all the Forms published for the Main Object.

4.  Select the Activated Form you want to test.

5.  Select the output format and output channel you want to use for testing (see Generating Output through the Generate Document Button).

6.  Click Generate to generate the output.

7.  Check the output.