Adding to a Form Salesforce fields as Interactive enables users to update the fields when they submit the Form. When the Form is submitted these fields are automatically updated in the Salesforce Object. In Salesforce you can add fields to a Salesforce Object.


The following Salesforce field types are currently supported as Interactive:
Checkbox, Currency, Email, Number, Percent, Phone, Picklist, Picklist (Multi-Select), Text, Text Area, Text Area (Long), Text Area (Rich), URL, Date, Date&Time.
Children Relation fields are not supported as Interactive.

Adding Interactive Fields to a Data Model

When you create a Data Model to use for Forms, you can add some Salesforce fields as either Fixed or Interactive. Any field you add to the Data Model as Interactive, can be added as Interactive tags to Forms. this means that the receiver has an option to change the value and submit the updated value, which would in turn update this value in Salesforce.

To add fields from the Available Fields pane to the Selected Fields pane: Click the following icons to…

I_select     Select a Salesforce field as a fixed data tag
I_interactive     Select a Salesforce field as an interactive data tag
I_open     Drill down and select a field

The fields you selected are removed from the Available Fields pane, added to the Selected Fields pane and added to the Data Model in a parent-child tree format.

– Interactive data tags are added with the notation “Interactive”.
– You can click Select All Fields in the Available Fields pane to select all the displayed fields.
– You can check selected fields in the Selected Fields pane and click Remove all Selected to remove fields from the selection..

Adding Interactive Salesforce Fields in  Designer

To add an Interactive Salesforce tag to a Form:

1.  In Salesforce open the Docomotion App.

2.  In the Forms tab select the Form to which you want to add Interactive content and click Open Designer; the Designer Opening window appears.

After a slight pause, the Designer appears.
3.  In the Data Model panel click the Interactive tab and expand the update Object branch.
4.  In the Form, click the location for placing the tag.
5.  In the Data Model Tags panel, perform one of the following options:

  • Double-click the required data tag.
  • Right-click the required data tag and in the menu, click Insert Tag.

The data tag appears in the selected Form location and in the Data Tag Form panel.

  1. Click IPreview to preview the Form.

You cannot add test values to Interactive tags.