Installing the Docomotion Package

Supported Salesforce Editions 

Docomotion App can be installed on the following Salesforce editions: Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance edition.

To install the Docomotion Package:

1. Install Docomotion into your Salesforce organization by visiting Docomotion App on the AppExchange.

2. On the top-left corner, click “Get it Now”.

3. After completing Salesforce’s login process, choose where you would like to install Docomotion for Salesforce (Production or Sandbox). the Login window is displayed. You can select to log in with your Salesforce credentials or continue as a guest.

4. Follow the instruction from Salesforce to complete the installation.

4.  Login to Salesforce with your Salesforce User Name and Password.

5.  Details regarding the installation are displayed. Enter all the required information, agree to the terms and conditions, and click Confirm and Install.

6.  Choose one of the installation options:

  • Install for Admins Only if you don’t want to select the usage settings for each profile in your organization now.
  • Install for All Users if you want to give full access to all users in your organization (recommended).
  • Install for Specific Profiles if you do want to select the usage settings for each profile in your organization, and use the two profiles provided with the App.
    As a best practice Docomotion recommends selecting this option. After installation, you can give access to a user by using the Docomotion Permission Sets.

7.  Click Install.

8.  Approve Third Part Access and click Continue.
See Trusted Sites.

9.  When you are notified that the Installation is completed click Done.

10.  Check that the Docomotion package has been installed: In Salesforce click Setup to open the Salesforce Setup sidebar. In the sidebar click Platform Tools>Apps>Packaging>Installed Packages. Note: It might take a few minutes to complete the installation. You will receive a confirmation email from Salesforce.

 To uninstall the package click Uninstall.