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The Docomotion solution generates operational documents such as quotes, invoices, service document and more using data dynamically merged from any object in Salesforce. This transforms operational documents into marketing personalized interactive documents.
This section will guide you through generating output from your Salesforce object in different formats (PDF, Docx, HTML) and output channels (Chatter, attachments, emails).

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There are several available methods for generating the output.

Docomotion uses a custom button in a Salesforce Object in order to generate an output from the Object.
See Generate Document Page.

Docomotion enables generating output from multiple records from:
–  List view (for example as a result of searching)
–  Related Lists
The outputs from these records can also be combined into one output.
See Generating Mass Output.

Docomotion supports generating documents from Salesforce1 Mobile App.
See Generating Output via Mobile App.

An organization using Docomotion can enable users without a Docomotion license to generate output in Silent mode through the Render API.
See Render API – Silent Output Generation.

Lightning Flow provides two workflow tools that help you easily automate output generation. The Process Builder and the Flow Builder. These tools provide user-friendly graphical representations of your flow as you build it.

See Automate Output Generation Using Lightning Flow