You can add, to a Form, pictures stored in Salesforce Documents or, from Version 12, in a Salesforce files. You first need to add the image to an external repository (for example Dropbox) so that it is available to Docomotion servers.

You need to add the image URL to an Object (for example to the Product Object), by adding a field for the URL in the Salesforce Object.

To add a picture URL to a record in Salesforce Classic:

  1.  In Documents click New.

Picture URL

2.  Select the picture file to upload.

3. Check Externally Available Image and click Save; the picture is displayed.

3.  Right-click the picture and copy the image URL.

 When adding an image from Dropbox, make sure to replace the dl=0 at the end of the Dropbox URL with raw=1.

4.  Paste the URL to the record in the relevant field.

You can now add to the Data Model the pictures from Salesforce.