Founded in 2005, Payoneer offers fast, flexible, secure and low-cost solutions that enable
businesses and professionals in both developed and emerging markets to pay and get paid
globally, as easily as they do locally. Ranked in the top 100 of Inc. 5000’s Financial Services
companies, the company has 2,000 employees and over 5 million customers worldwide.


Payoneer generates many documents every day, in multiple languages, to be sent to clients and prospects around the world.
When looking for a ready-to-send document generation solution, the company had a number of criteria: documents should be branded and professional looking; they should contain content based on customer details held in Salesforce; they should be secure; and data being filled into forms by the recipient should be automatically synched into Salesforce. With this tall order in mind, Payoneer turned to Docomotion.

“Docomotion is where the magic happens! It is such
a convenient, user-friendly tool, with a wide range
of features and customizations to meet our various
business needs. If we ever do require support,
Docomotion’s Professional Services team is very
responsive – in fact, they’re simply excellent.
Ariel Lopez, ENT Salesforce Team Leader, Payoneer
Ariel Lopez, ENT Salesforce Team Leader, Payoneer

Although it has not been long since the organization engaged with DP Solutions, the partnership continues to flourish with Quarterly Business Reviews at the cornerstone of the relationship’s success. These strategic sessions allow DP Solutions to continue to align with their goals and ensure that the company’s technology grows with them.

DP Solutions and its Confidence Plus Managed Network Services Plan was the perfect fit for this organization, providing them with consistency, confidence and clarity.


In an initial project, Payoneer implemented Docomotion for 22 forms, including contracts,
Non-Disclosure Agreements, Terms of Use, and other legal data documents. Generated in Word from the contract object in Salesforce, a key feature of the documents enables customers to electronically sign them using DocuSign. Rather than printing out the document, signing and
scanning it or mailing it back to Payoneer, the signed document is automatically returned to Docomotion and the relevant Salesforce object is updated with the data.
Following the success of the first project, a second project was launched covering a further nine forms, including letters to partners, and questionnaires requesting financial and legal information
from customers and partners. Here, business logic implemented in the interactive form enables both the updating of data back into Salesforce, and generation of a PDF containing a summary of
the details collected, that can be sent to the customer at the click of a button. In addition, the customer can fill in data and save it to Salesforce, making it possible to trigger continued data collection, thanks to smart JavaScript engine provided by the Docomotion app.

The app was such a hit that Payoneer soon embarked on an even more ambitious project with Docomotion, regarding client proposals. Based on many complex details synched from Salesforce, the company is now able to generate a branded proposal for each client, containing all the relevant terms and conditions of the proposed deal, and a deck about Payoneer’s services, support and more – all this with minimum manual input by the sales agent.


Payoneer is delighted with the efficiencies and capabilities that Docomotion has helped it to achieve. The app saves the company’s staff a significant amount of time, and the seamless integration within Salesforce enables them to full rely on data held in Salesforce for the most up-to-update position on any customer records. Meanwhile, customers enjoy the convenience of being able to do everything in a single form, rather than toing and froing, and the e-signature functionality.
“With Docomotion, we have been able to streamline document generation across our business, not only saving on time and human resources, but also enhancing accuracy and the experience we give our customers and partners,” says Ariel. “The proposals project was something that we never could have done without Docomotion. All in all, the app has been incredibly easy to adapt to, with a short learning curve that was fully supported by Docomotion’s professional services team.”