Creating a business document is seen by many as a ‘necessary evil’; a time-consuming means to an end that holds little inherent value in and of itself. Today though, automated document generation can actually be beneficial to a business, and for minimal investment. From quotes and proposals, to reports and contracts, with the right tool you can generate a huge range of customized documents in a choice of formats, including PDF, Word, HTML and eMail.

Sound good so far? Well, that’s not all. Here are our top 8 areas in which automated document generation can change the way you work:

Boosting Productivity through Automated Document Generation

When you’re creating complex documents with a single click rather than doing it manually, it takes much less time to do. Those hours saved can add up to time better spent pursuing new leads, or perhaps reduced costs as fewer administrative staff need to be hired.

Enhancing Accuracy with Automated Data Population

Automatically populating your documents with data stored in Salesforce (or a third-party source via Salesforce) enhances quality and accuracy. So long as those centrally-stored records are up to date, you’ll avoid the human errors that can embarrass your business and maybe even make customers lose confidence in you.

Ensuring Consistency in Business Documentation

To present a unified approach to your customers and stakeholders, it is essential that paperwork going out of our business is consistent. When a document template is controlled centrally, it can be amended to reflect changes in branding, terms & conditions, industry terminology, pricing or any other element, ensuring that your personnel are always using the most up-to-date version.

Leveraging Personalization for Dynamic Customer Engagement

As well allowing you to create and send personalized, professional documents in real time, if your document generation software has an interactive element, recipients can submit data back into Salesforce to be added to their personal record, enhancing CRM data and customer knowledge.

Streamlining Document Tracking and Management

Using an automated document generation solution enables you to track documents going out from – and coming in to – your business. In terms of CRM, this gives you a complete picture of all correspondence with your customers, so you can always see where you are at in a given process.

Improving Responsiveness for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

A fast response time makes for happier customers. Whether you’re sending out a quote after a sales pitch, or answering a customer’s request for support, automated document generation enables you to follow up in a fraction of the time it would take if you were doing it manually.

Empowering Staff Expertise through Automated Documentation

By capturing the deep knowledge of your most experienced, specialized staff in an automated document, even trainees can create flawless, nuanced texts, without supervision or training. As well as giving your clients the benefit of more senior expertise at a lower cost to your business, you can ensure that knowledge is embedded into your systems, staying with you even when senior staff move on.

Safeguarding Data with Centralized Protection Measures

With privacy a number one concern for businesses and customers alike, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is kept safe within a single repository. You control access permissions and even what the data can be used for, limiting exposure on individual desktops that could result in data accidentally ending up in the wrong hands.

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