Performance-focused businesses are increasingly adopting automated solutions to improve their operations, drive efficiencies and cut costs, and not just on the factory floor. Sales, customer service and admin teams are benefitting too. Take document generation, for example – perhaps not the first example that would come to mind, but most businesses have to deal with paperwork, and probably lots of it. By simply automating your document generation, your business can soon be enjoying a wide range of benefits. Here are our top 5.

Streamlining Business Operations with Document Automation

We’re used to technology saving us time – whether by planning the fastest route from A to B, comparing prices online so we don’t need to trail around the shops, or instantly answering any question we can think of, without having to carry out hours of research. Automated document generation does the same for your business. Quotes, proposals, reports and contracts all take time to prepare – time that could be spent more profitably on other tasks. By switching from manual document generation to automated, you get a powerful combination of machine learning and automated workflows that cuts the time it takes to create intelligent documents – by up to 60%, with the right solution.

Time-Saving Benefits of Automated Document Generation

Of course, time saved cannot come at the cost of accuracy – sending out paperwork containing mistakes can be costly to your business, both in terms of damage to your reputation and causing actual financial loss. Creating fixed, approved text for your staff to use removes the element of human error that can creep into documents that are created manually, without requiring checking and double-checking before anything goes out. Integrating your document generation solution with your CRM, ERP or other systems also ensures that every quote or contract contains the most accurate, up-to-date information available, without having to cross reference and cut and paste text between files.

Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance through Automation

Businesses tend to be dynamic, and keeping up with changes in paperwork can sometimes feel like a full-time job in itself. With automated document generation, templates are revised and updated within your centralized repository, so you and your staff can be sure that they are always using the most current version. Indeed, everyone in your company is able generate any document in the correct format, with the right branding, customized with the most recent customer data input into the right places, and all with just one click.

Enhancing Customer Relations with Automated Documentation

Good customer relations make for good business, and automated document generation helps with this in several ways. The hours staff used to spend stuck at their desks dealing with paperwork are now freed up, giving them more time to engage directly with customers. A short turnaround in sending out quotes or contracts lets customers know that they have your attention. Any time a customer calls, you can instantly pull up a virtual paper trail of all communications with them, allowing you to respond to them with absolute confidence. Even something as simple as offering an electronic signature feature shows your company to be on trend with the latest technology.

Empowering Collaboration and Efficiency Across Departments

As well as creating documents, implementing an automated document generation solution allows your staff, across departments, to collaborate instantly. Giving all relevant personnel visibility of the data within a single system enables tasks to be streamlined, so that projects can be implemented faster and more efficiently. From a managerial perspective, maintaining all documents within an automated document generation system also makes it possible to gain an overview of where things stand at any given moment, so you can identify where processes need to be changed and improved.

Paperwork may be considered the most mundane element of business life, but in fact, automating your document generation can be the key to achieving multiple benefits across your business.