Oren Leshem, CEO of Docomotion, rounds up a year of impressive success and remarkable growth

Oren Leshem, CEO of Docomotion, rounds up a year of impressive success and remarkable growth and describes the company’s smooth transition into the big leagues.

What added value does Docomotion offer?

Docomotion’s uniqueness lies in the way it combines a product that is rich in functionality, which truly enhances users’ sales and service capabilities, with exceptional ease of use and an unparalleled level of service offered to customers and partners, which enables very fast, successful implementation of the solution, and provides great business value to organizations looking for a competitive advantage.

What has been Docomotion’s greatest achievement this year?

Docomotion is closing in on four years since launching its Salesforce cloud solution. Considered the leader in document generation, our SAAS solution has been developed entirely on the platform and is used to design and produce forms and documents from within Salesforce. This year, breaking into enterprise customers both in Israel and around the world has been one of the most important and exciting milestones in the company’s development. Among our new clients are: Columbia, NICE, EG Group, Direct Finance, the Ministry of Finance, Caesarstone, Veolia, and Sacem (France).

What new Document Generation features did you develop in 2019?

Over the past year we’ve developed a number of new features, including one that enables users to retrieve data from all enterprise systems, not just from Salesforce. This meets a need in the market that has been growing in recent years, as the implementation of Docomotion by Direct Finance showed

Another significant feature we developed this year is around automation; Docomotion interfaces simply and comprehensively with all Salesforce’s automation components, including Process Builder, Visual Flow, etc. These tools enable customers to automate entire service and sales processes, while easily and automatically producing documents. Also, in the area of interactive documents, we now offer eSignature and accessibility in HTML5 and PDF format, helping organizations maximize the potential of going digital. Combined with Salesforce’s management and analytics capabilities, we offer our customers a complete and powerful package.

Which significant events did you attend this past year?

Docomotion regularly participates in Salesforce events in Israel and Europe, which is our main market. This year, we attended three major Salesforce conferences, in Amsterdam, London and Paris. We met many businesses who have since joined our list of partners, and they are currently establishing Docomotion in leading global organizations. The most significant event we attended was an exclusive event in Paris that we were invited to, along with a limited number of companies carefully selected by Salesforce for their exceptional growth rate and significant future growth potential. We were honored to attend this conference, which enabled us to get to know key figures with headquarters in Europe who are now helping us to grow in that market.

Looking forward, what are the company’s expectations for the coming year, in terms of numbers?

Based on the company’s growth rates of more than 200% growth year on year, in 2020 we look forward to seeing an exponential increase in turnover, ARR and the number of Docomotion users. Existing customers are upgrading and significantly expanding their use of the product, and continue to give us five-star ratings. We expect to keep pace with this level of growth in the years ahead.