Dear Business user,
It’s a well-known fact that today, companies and organizations over the world talk about the customer experience. How does the customer feel? What does the customer want? How can we effectively create a unique (and unforgettable!) customer experience in both the sales and customer service processes? But what about me? What about the simple business document? What about the one that truly handles… all the dirty work? You know, my friends and me, the invoice, the price quote, the customer’s messages, the
renewal notice, the “who’s next in line” and yes, even the lab results. We’re all in it together and we’re all sent to customers every single day.
So if we’re so popular, then why don’t they talk about us? How are we supposed to feel when we’re sent to the front lines without ammunition – without interactive fields and videos or without an added-value offering
that may just bring a smile to a customer’s face? Doesn’t anyone in your organization understand how much power we have when we’re literally in the customer’s hands?

Well, here’s what we know for sure:
– Your customer reads us more carefully from top to bottom than any other advertising we contain information and data that’s super important to them and that’s why he gives us extra special attention – and time.
– Why then do you think emails can be colorful and eye-catching, while I have to be informative and seemingly boring?

Think for a moment what might happen if every time you send a business document, you would do it together with a salesperson or a customer service rep. Think about the impact you would make. You would
probably study all of the background information on the customer, understand the best possible offering to make when you meet them – and the moment you arrive at his door, make them an offer they simply cannot
refuse. Not an offer for a general audience, no unexpected expirations dates, no boring paperwork – nothing that would generate a “No, thanks” from the recipient.
So here I am – and I’m primed and ready for the job! Use me as your initial point of contact when reaching out to your prospect. Use me to compile existing information inside your organization. Add a little color, a little
flair – a personal message, make a suitable value proposition and above all, make your customer feel important. Don’t forget, I’m the one standing in front of your customer. Let me help you enhance their (and my) experience and help you meet your business goals.
Come on now, don’t tell me it’s too difficult for you. Don’t dare say, “But we don’t have the resources,” or “The integration is too complex,” or “How can we support mobile?” They’re all excuses and that’s because today, it’s all done with one simple click of a button!

Let’s take a look at Docomotion to see how easy it really is. You can design me, build me any format you like (HTML, PDF, DocX, email body) and distribute me quickly and easily and on any distribution channel.
There’s more! I can even sing and play a tune (a combination of audio and video!), enable customer e-signatures and authorizations, allow them to attach files and even enable them to interactively complete a document or form, filling in required data and returning it – automatically to your sales team.
Tired of your customers seeing me as just another shade of grey? Let me help you boost your business – I know I can.

Yours sincerely,
Your document