We committed to improve the user experience for blinds and individuals with disabilities, helping them access and understand digital documents in a more efficient and effective manner.

Docomotion has developed an accessibility feature to to create accessible documents, addressing increasing demand for compliant digital files. This time-saving tool helps government agencies and corporations meet their obligations for electronic document accessibility, achieving compliance with accessibility standards.

The feature is designed to work with leading screen reading apps, such as Narrator, Jaws, and NVDA, automatically interpreting content into tags and allowing definition and editing of essential tags and their
attributes. The solution also includes proprietary tags to meet best practice templates and prevent screen-reading tools from incorrectly reading elements.

To Use the Accessbility feature, you must first activate it in the Docomotion settings. It is important to define document structure in advance by using headings, paragraphs, lists and tables. Our CSM team is always available to provide our guidelines to define essential tags for accessibility compliance: Headings for navigation, Alt-text for images, and meta-data for the document.

Nowdays, the solution serves banks, insurance companies, and government agencies that widely use this feature to serve clients better and avoid disability discrimination.

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