Generate highly designed documents from any Salesforce standard or customized object, using rich formatting Form / template. Generate enterprise-grade documents for addressing almost any use case including,  quotations, contracts, renewal letters, customer satisfaction surveys and more…
Retrieve data from any object.

  • Unlimited drill down capabilities into any related records
  • Support standard or customized objects
  • Any field (data) type
Incorporate professional, complex content such as tables, images, charts, custom fonts, headers and footers
Designer based on MS-Word, built for non-programmers:

  • No Visualforce or Apex coding needed.
  • Reuse exiting company templates and documents – as simply as copy-paste
Single design tool for rich output formats such as DocX, PDF, HTML and Email Body (auto-replace email body with an HTML generated template)

Graphical business logic editor enables defining conditions for:

  • Performing text manipulation, add symbols and styling to the text
  • Hiding / displaying sections
  • Calculating mathematical expressions
  • Sorting, hide/show rows in tables
Complex table design including show / hide rows, sorting, page breaks and repeat header rows
Group table: related lists can be displayed vertically (records appear in sections vs. columns)
Nested table support
Add pictures stored in external repository / Salesforce documents / Record’s Notes & Attachment
Barcode and charts support
Localization support

  • Localization UTF-8 character set supports Chinese, Japanese, French, and Hebrew…templates
  • Date & time format and time localization based on the recipient local settings
  • Picklist translation: Generate output document with data translated based on the user who generated the document
  • Number format support (including European numbering)
Form / template versioning: Allow designer to work on the new version while users are still generating the published version
Single button to generate rich output format and channels. Preview templates functionality for selecting the correct template
Generation settings: Restrict output format and channel. Allow to simplify generation up to one-click generation
Restrict access to forms based on Salesforce native sharing settings. Each department will only see their relevant forms
Immediate download result document to your computer
Store in Salesforce as Notes & Attachments, Chatter Files or Documents
Send as Email: Select (related record) contact, and email template from the Salesforce native email templates. Allow to modify the email content before sending
Send Document via a link with configurable expiration period
Mass Generation from List view and Related List: Search, Select and Create Multiple Documents at once (up to 200 records)
Mass Generation from Salesforce Reports (No limitation on number of records)
Automate output generation using Salesforce Process Builder
Track generation history via Salesforce activity history (reminders, renewal, generation usage…)
Trigger Docomotion generation using API
Generate on the go from Salesforce1™
Fully support the Salesforce Lightning® Experience without any migration
Update Salesforce data from bi-directional HTML / PDF documents generated from Salesforce. (Document recipient doesn’t need a Salesforce user):

  • Update / enhance and improve Salesforce customer information
  • Collect inputs as new records inside Salesforce (e.g.; customer satisfaction survey)
  • Enhance forms capabilities (mandatory to fill fields, JavaScript validation rules…)
  • Customizable expiration period for the forms (time / number of openings)
Graphical Signature: Now an All-In-One App for document generation and signature. Replace the need for complicated implementations and integrations between solution providers.

The In-App Signature module enables customers to electronically sign the document from any device (including mobile and signing device), automatically submitting the signed document back to the provider.
Docomotion’s Signature record includes:

  • Signed PDF
  • All uploaded attachments
  • Signature time , IP Address and the browser used
Upload file(s) into Salesforce from the output document
Store output in company or private Google Drive
Interface with DocuSign Integration to Salesforce
Customer Success Manager (CSM) support
Free professional Services support to design your first Form
Update to future version and capabilities
No minimum # of seats. Start small and grow as you need
No limit to number of templates
No limit to # of generation
Licensing options per user/per month (Minimum 12 months)


Browsers Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari
Salesforce Editions Enterprise, Performance, Developer
Salesforce User Interface Classic, Lightning®
Salesforce Products Sales Cloud®, Service Cloud®, Portals, Communities, Platform
Microsoft Office® (for designer only) Office 2010 ,2013,2016 ,  Office 365 not supported
Mobile Compatible with Salesforce1™