We help your organization optimize IT resources and reduce IT expenses.

Easily Generate highly personalized operational documents from salesforce including:

  • bills

  • proposals

  • customer letters

  • accounting documents


  • investment reports

  • mortgage documents

  • performance reports

  • insurance policies

  • healthcare documents

  • renewals

  • confirmations and more.

Cross organization productivity streamlining with Docomotion Document Generation Salesforce App

Organizations are constantly searching for new growth engines. Streamlining business productivity will always be a major challenge coupled with a limited organizational resource – time.

Docomotion enables businesses to optimize this critical resource and lead the change across the organization.

  • Optimize IT resources – Create/edit document templates with Docomotion MS Word based editor; as coding is not required, anyone with basic MS Word skills can easily create/edit templates.
  • Quickly respond to market needs – Docomotion template editor means your team can respond faster to any template changes, freeing up valuable IT resources for more critical projects/tasks.
  • Boost Sales team performance/increase sales – Automatic document generation (e.g. price quotes, contracts etc.) dramatically reduces time spent on admin/sales operations and tasks – more time for your sales team to focus on sales and close more deals.
  • Enhance marketing/promotion – Convert operational documents (e.g. customer visit report, blood test results, etc.) into highly personalized promotions with pre-defined business rules tailored to customer needs; strengthen corporate identity across all direct channels with your customers.
  • Improve overall operations – Listen to your customers and gain a better understanding of their needs/requirements; conduct surveys or collect/update any data from our interactive documents directly in Salesforce CRM.

Docomotion solution features

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