New Features In Version 9

Pull Package 

Docomotion now enables users to upgrade to the newest version of Docomotion at their convenience.

You will be notified when the latest Docomotion version is available. This enables you to download the upgrade and test it in a sandbox environment and upgrade whenever it is convenient for your organization.

Note that downgrading is not supported.

Form Creation in Lightning Experience 

Docomotion now fully supports creating a new Form including Data Models, new Forms, opening the Designer and import/export in Salesforce Lightning® experience.

Create Data Model

Form Page

Add Event (Activity) after Generation 

When generating output, Docomotion now enables creating an activity in Salesforce, in the main object of the Form, to track the generate operation.

You can then see the activity in the list of Open Activities of the object from which output was generated.

For Junction and Relation objects Docomotion also supports the activity routing selection.

See Adding an Output Generation Activity.

Mass Generation from Reports 

It is now possible to mass generate documents also from all records of a report created in Salesforce.

See Generating Mass Output.

Routing Option for Notes and Attachments When Generating Output from Relation and Junction Objects

For some Salesforce objects such as Relation objects, you cannot add Notes and Attachments or Chatter. For these objects, Docomotion now enables you to select an alternative route for Notes and Attachments and Chatter.

In addition, for Junction objects, you can now choose to route the generated output to the Notes&Attachements or Chatter of the object itself or to its parent objects in the master-detail relationship.

See Defining the Form Generation Settings>Route Notes&Attachments and Chatter

Improved Features Version 9

Designer Installation – Adobe Acrobat no Longer a Prerequisite 

When installing the Designer (Windows application) you no longer need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your workstation as a prerequisite.

Full Support for Rich Text Area (RTA)

Docomotion now fully supports rich text areas format. To learn more see Salesforce help: Editing Rich Text Area Fields in Records.

Use rich area text fields to improve the appearance of text, including adding images and hyperlinks.

The output generated presents the data in the RTA design.