New Features In Version 8

Docomotion version 8 uses Salesforce API version  40.

New Generation UI 

Docomotion now uses the same user interface for generation, both in Classic and Lightning UI.

see Generating Output through the Generate Document Button.

Interface with DocuSign Integration to Salesforce 

DocuSign for Salesforce is an eSignature solution that integrates with Salesforce. DocuSign makes any workflow or approval simple, secure and fully digital.

With Docomotion’s latest integration feature with DocuSign, customers can now enjoy generating their documents quickly and easily with Docomotion and seamlessly have them signed off using DocuSign.

See Working with DocuSign Integration to Salesforce.

Mass Generation from Related Lists 

It is now possible to mass generate documents also from related lists of the main object. To use this option you need to add the Mass Generate button to the layout of Related Lists.

See Generating Mass Output.

Support for Rich Text Area (RTA)

Docomotion now supports rich text areas format. To learn more see Salesforce help: Editing Rich Text Area Fields in Records.

Use rich area text fields to improve the appearance of text, including adding images that are available externally and hyperlinks.

The output generated presents the data in the RTA design.

To insert an RTA field inside the Designer, select Insert tag as: HTML.

Validation before Submit (HTML JavaScript)

Using the JavaScript Editor you can add JavaScript code for different validation elements to the Submit button.

See Editing Interactive Elements – JavaScript Editor.

See also : Using JavaScript (Examples).

Mandatory to Fill

When designing an interactive Form, you can define specific fields as mandatory. When users try to submit without filling all mandatory fields a red frame appears around the mandatory fields and the Form cannot be submitted.

See Editing Interactive Collection Elements.

Configurable Message After Submit of Interactive Form 

It is possible to configure a URL to a message a user receives in the browser when clicking the Submit button, for a specific Form, instead of the PDF output.

Support MS-Word Set Target Frame (open in a new tab)

It is possible to configure how an HTML page opens when a document recipient clicks on an HTML link (new tab or the same tab).

In the Designer, select the link text and use the Word option Insert Hyperlink.

Improved Features Version 7

Signature Popup in Mobile

The signature popup is now supported also in mobile.

Link Expiration per form

In additon to the  global settings for link expiration, you can now configure link expiration per Form.

Link expiration options were extended to include also the option to configure a maximum number of link openings.

See Defining the Default Form Generation Settings.