New Features In Version 7

Adding Pictures from Notes and Attachments 

You add to a form fields that includes pictures from Notes & Attachments that will be inserted dynamically when generating output from the Form.

This can be used, for example, by an estate agent that want to provide customers with customized brochures that include  pictures of relevant properties.

Adding the pictures makes the output generation asynchronous.

See Adding Pictures from Notes and Attachments to a Form.

Automate Output Generation using the Salesforce Process Builder

You can use Salesforce’s Process Builder tool to automatically invoke Docomotion’s document generation upon specific events (record changes, record creation etc.)

See Automate Output Generation using Process Builder.

To enable Generation via process builder on your Salesforce org, please contact the Docomotion Support team.

Improved Features Version 7

Improved Usability – Context Sensitive Help

Selected pages now include context sensitive help to assist users in using different features.

Clicking the Help  icon displays documentation relevant to the specific issue.