New Features In Version 6

Mass Generation 

Docomotion enables generating output from multiple records in the Search list view. The outputs from these records can also be combined into one output.

See Generating Mass Output (from Version 6).

To learn how to configure Mass generation see Configuring Mass Generation (from version 6.0).


Form Design Validation

The new Form design validation option checks that pictures are properly inserted into the Form (checks that only wrap text formats supported in Docomotion are used).

In addition it displays a list of tags defined in the data Model but not used in the Form.

See Designing the Form.

Date & Time Format Support

If you have Forms designed in previous versions using scripts on Date or Date&Time Salesforce fields (tags), you need to edit the Forms using the new Date or Date&Time masking options.

During design, you can now use the Date & Time field in Salesforce and set the masking format inside the Designer.

Date & Time masking type enables defining the way a date tag appears in the output.

To use Date & Time masking, the data tag in the Data Model in Salesforce needs to be of type Date & Time (Date and Text are not supported).

Date & Time masking provides the following masking options:

  • Calendar Language
    • English – Enables setting the date text in English.
    • Hebrew – Enables setting the date text in English.
  • Calendar Type
    • Gregorian – Enables setting the calendar type according to the Gregorian calendar.
    • Hebrew – Enables setting the calendar type according to the Hebrew Lunar calendar (only available if Calendar language is Hebrew).
  • Time Zone – Enables using in the output a different time zone from the time zone of the Salesforce server (default).
  • Date & Time Format – Enables defining:
    • Whether to include the time or not
    • The order of the day, month, and year according to the different international time format standard.
    • Whether a one-digit day or month (e.g. January is month number 1) appears with one or two digits (i.e. “1” or “01”).
    • Whether the year appears in its entirety (e.g. 2010) or according to its final two numbers (e.g. 10). For example: 30-Mar-2016, March 30, 2016, Sunday 30 march 2016
    • The format of the time AM/PM or 24 hours.
  • Date Separator – Enables defining the separator placed between the days, months, and year (with the exception of the MONTH DD YYYY format that has a fixed Separator i.e. April 6, 2016).


Date & Time Localization

During design, you can now define the output time zone in a Date & Time field. This feature enables cases that the user who generates the output has a different time zone than the user who receives the output.


Signing Device Support

Supports the ability to open the signature area on the HTML output as a pop-up window for signing.

See Interactive Forms: Signatures and Uploading Files.

Support of Salesforce Lightning Experience

Supports the new Salesforce Lightning Experience for generating output. To configure the lightning generation button see Configuring the Generate Document Buttons

Improved Features Version 6

European Numbering Format

The Designer now supports European numbers formats number masking. You can specify the decimal and thousands separators according to your needs.

For example:

US: 100,000.00

EU: 100.000,00


Define Default Output File Name

In the Form’s Default Generation Settings, authorized users can now define a default file name based on Object field, which is different from the record name.

See Defining the Default Form Generation Settings.