To use the Docomotion Designer tool you need to make sure that Microsoft .Net 4.6.1 is installed on your computer.

Interactive Forms – Graphical Signatures

It is now possible to enable recipients to add signatures to an Interactive Form.

After the recipient signs the document, a signed locked PDF will be attached to the Signature record inside Salesforce.

To enable Form recipients to add a graphical signature, you need to generate output to the LInk output channel. For more information see Link Output Channel and Interactive – Signatures and Uploading Files.

New Link Output Channel

The new Link output channel is a special case of Interactive Output, where the result is a sealed PDF that includes information received from the recipient (including, for example a signature) as well as optionally additional attachments.

This is useful, for example, if you want to send a customer an interactive HTML document that he/she can fill, sign, attach documents and submit back to Salesforce.

The link has an expiration period that is configurable in Docomotion System Settings. Users trying to open the link after the expiration date will receive an error message.

See Link Output Channel

Interactive Forms – Uploading Files

It is now possible to enable recipients to upload files into an Interactive Form.

The uploaded file will be attached to a Signature record inside Salesforce.

For more information see Link Output Channel and Interactive – Signatures and Uploading Files.

Google Drive 

Docomotion now enables users to generate documents and store the output in Google Drive bases on one of the following options:

  • (private) user
  • Organization

After generation, users are able to access the saved documents.

See Configuring Docomotion to Work with Google Drive.

Email Template

When generating output as emails, authorized output generators can now select as the body of the email an email template: the default Docomotion template or any other email template residing in the Docomotion folder.
See Generating Output.

Form Generation Settings

New Form Generation Settings now enable simplifying the output generation page for output generators. This includes hiding or displaying different options in the generation screen such as output format selection, output channel selection or file renaming.

It is also possible to allow or permit Generators from changing the different settings.

See Form Generation Settings.

Enhanced Designer Functionality

It is now possible to present in the output, the Salesforce data of all interactive fields: Text, Text Area, Checkbox, Picklist and Picklist (Multi-Select).

When an end user receives the Form, the Form will display the Salesforce data. The recipient can then edit the data, and resubmit to update the data in Salesforce.

When upgrading from version 5.5 you might not see the Signature/Upload File types in the interactive Collection, or get empty lists For Format and/or output Channel in the Form’s Default Generation Settings. In that case contact Docomotion Support.