New Features In Version 5.5

Word Template Optional 

Docomotion no longer requires a Word template for creating a new Form.

You can now create a Form without uploading a Word template. In this case Docomotion uses the default Normal template on your computer. To use a different template see Uploading a Word Template.

Insert Page Break in Group Table

You can now add to grouped tables a script for inserting page breaks inside the grouped tables.

For more information see  Adding Table Scripts.

Improved Features Version 5.5

Table of Contents Supports Containers

If the Form includes a hidden Container, the Container content is excluded from the Table of Contents.

For more information see Adding a Table of Contents to a Form in the Designer.

Enhanced Date Format Support

New date masking options:

  • DD MMM YY with configurable separators
    30 Mar 16
  • Month DD YYYY  no configurable separator
    March 30, 2016

For more information see Data Tag Properties (Date, String and Number masking).

Support Image URL without Extension for ALL Output Formats

All output formats now support adding from Salesforce image URLs that do not use file extensions.

For more information see Using Pictures Stored in Salesforce.