New Features In Version 5.4

Form Lifecycle

The new Docomotion Form lifecycle is designed so that users generating output (output generators) will only see the Forms that have been approved (Published), while users with Designer permission set, can see / edit and use all Forms available in the system (Published and Active).

From version 5.4 you should allocate the proper permission (see permission set ) in order to use Docomotion.


See Form Lifecycle and also Updating a Form.

Table Grouping

 The Table Grouping Feature enables grouping table data items according to the Salesforce record they belong to. This means presenting all data table items belonging to Record 1, then all data table items belonging to Record 2, etc.

See Advanced Table Features.

Multi Language Support of Picklists 

Docomotion now supports generating multi language outputs based on users language profile in Salesforce. The user profile determines the picklist options language.

Date Support

When you add a Salesforce date field to a Form, it is possible now to set in the Designer the format of the date that will be displayed in the output.

When you add the date field to the Form as a text tag, you need edit the tag properties and set the  tag masking type to date. This enables you to set the language, calendar type, and formatting of the displayed output to one of the following date formats: [DD MM YYYY] , [DD MM YY] , [D M YYYY], [D M YY], [MM DD YYYY], [MM DD YY], [M D YY], [Day DD Month YYYY].

Tag Properties Date

See Data Tag Properties.

Import / Export Scripts in the Designer

 It is now possible to use scripts written for one Form in other Forms. Scripts can only be used (imported) as the same type for which they were created (Container, Table etc.)


See Exporting / Importing Scripts

Simplify Insert Picture in the Designer

You can now add a picture tag as a picture script directly: right-click the tag in the Data Model panel and select Insert Tag as >Picture. The Picture script is added with picture dimensions according to design dimensions.

Improved Features Version 5.4

Interactive Fields Default Value 

You can set a Salesforce data field that appears as the default value of the text field in the output document.

For example, if the an Interactive Form includes a section for updating your personal information like email, the text field can show the current data in Salesforce which will allow the recipient of the document to update that info using Docomotion interactive capabilities.

Interactive Support without Contact

You can now generate Interactive Output without having a contact person lookup on the Main Object or linked in other levels.
The Interactive information received is tracked as Anonymous.

Table of Contents Supports Containers

If the Form includes a hidden Container, the Container content is excluded from the Table of Contents.

For more information see Adding a Table of Contents to a Form in the Designer.