New Features In Version 5.3

Exporting / Importing Forms 

Docomotion now supports the ability to export and import published Forms from one organization to another.

For example, you can now design the Forms and test them in the Test sandbox Salesforce organization and, when approved for production, move the Forms to the Production organization.

You need Doco Admin permission set to perform these actions.

See Exporting / Importing Forms

Adding a Table of Contents to a Form 

When designing a Form, you can now add a Table of Contents to the Form. Currently the supported TOC formats are Automatic Table 1 and Automatic Table 2.
You can edit the following features of the TOC:
 Number of Levels to display
 The type of Tab lead
 Using Hyperlinks instead of page numbers in the TOC

See Adding a Table of Contents to a Form

Improved Features Version 5.3

Renaming the Generated Output File 

Renaming the generated output file name is also supported when using the Download output channel.

‘Upload to Cloud’ Renamed ‘Save to Salesforce’ 

The Upload to Cloud button in the Designer was renamed Save to Salesforce. This automatically saves the Form locally as well as to Salesforce.

If the network connection is lost, the Form is still saved locally.  You can use the locally saved Form when you open the Designer at a later date..

No need to Enable Chatter when Installing Docomotion

It is now possible to use Docomotion in an organization without enabling Chatter.