New Features In Ver 5.2

New License for Generating Output in Silent Mode 

A new license is available for generating output in Silent mode, using the API (not through the Generate Output button), based on the number of outputs generated per month.

This is a site / organization option. To learn more about this option contact Docomotion Support

Sorting Tables 

The new Sorting Tables feature enables you to add to Forms dynamic tables that will be sorted at runtime. You can add up to 3 sorting levels.

To add sorting, you need to add a sorting script to the table in the Designer.

See Adding Table Scripts.

Renaming the Generated Output File 

When you generate output, you can use the default file name or rename the output file.

Improved Features Version 5.2

Improved Form Structure 

Form data is now saved in a document attached to the Form instead of in the Chatter Object. When reopening a Form the information overwrites the information in the document, thus saving storage space and minimizing the disk space required for working with Docomotion.

New Error Mechanism 

Error messages now appear as pop-up windows instead of as part pf the Salesforce window.

For error descriptions see Error Messages.

New Error